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Nurse Education Seminars

5 Level Triage Solutions
Emergency Care Setting

This one day seminar is designed to integrate 5 Level Triage, maximize Triage Systems and manage costs by using resources in the most cost-effective manner.

The adoption of the demonstrated methodology will raise quality of care and increase efficiency. These proven techniques will improve staff deployment and facilitate patient flow.

The seminar material may be directed at either the novice — "Triage Orientation" or the experienced Triage Nurse — "Triage Solution".

Concepts include:

  • Standardize assessment methodology integrating 5 Level Triage in a clear, concise format
  • Integrate a heightened knowledge with practice of the presentations of both medical and traumatic syndromes
  • Provide an approach to the multi patient dilemma
  • Provide written tools which incorporate the methodology
  • Triage Crisis methodology

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A Critical Look. Putting it all Together Medical/Surgical Nursing & Community College Setting

An intensive one day seminar designed to standardize assessment methodology in a clear and concise format, modify behaviours to incorporate the latest role redesign, integrate a heightened knowledge with practice, manage risk by decreasing morbidity and mortality, and empower the practitioner.

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Orientation to the Educator Role
Hospital Setting

This substantial 3 day seminar is geared towards educators and offers "soup to nuts" information on how to successfully set up and deliver education in the hospital setting. Topics include:

Fitting in

The Role of Clinical Educator within your organization

The Role of Educator

Pursuing excellence

Setting up computer files

Organizational techniques

Setting up and providing records developed for the Annual Report

How to fit learning into today's hectic pace

How to advertise for your presentation

Planning a presentation

Writing objectives

Writing exams

Learning styles and implications

Adult learning principles

Critical thinking

Prioritizing elements of the position

Presentation skills

Presentation methodologies

Evaluation tools

Your library

Search engines

Key departments that relate to the educator role and the need for an excellent rapport

Copyright and education

AV equipment use

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What the nurse participants say about the 1 day seminars:
"Very clear, great examples, dynamic style. Made me want to get out there and start triaging."

"Excellent, interactive, interesting, and easy to understand."

"Great method in giving a very organized way of assessing patients."

"Congratulations! This workshop has given me vital information. It is an eye opener."

"Excellent for floor nurses who have emergency situations arise. Provided the signs and symptoms of what to look for."

"Very clear! Great examples, visual aids and real life situations."

"Brought together the overall patient assessment which will improve my assessment skills."

"Clear simple and effective. Necessary for all Emergency nurses whether they are expected to Triage or not! Please return to refresh."

"This is one of the best workshops that I have ever been to. I didn't expect to learn as much as I did."

"Insightful as well as inspirational. Wonderful practical applications."