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The 5 Level Triage and Patient Assessment Program is available now!

Interactive. Comprehensive. Easy to follow.

5 Level Triage and Patient Assessment. Online Program

It has been approved for 10.9 education contact hours.

No commercial support was received for this educational activity.

Based on the Canadian Triage & Acuity Scale (CTAS), the 5 Level Triage and Patient Assessment Program comprises a truly unique learning experience.

Affordable continuing education at your fingertips!

The program is value-packed and affordably priced at just $149.95 per individual for 2 months unrestricted 24/7 access. Enjoy the advantage of flexible and attainable learning at your convenience and at your own pace while earning Continuing Education Credits.

We will email your exclusive user name and password within 24 hours of payment.

Price: $149.95

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Who is it for?

We have built this program for Triage Nurses, from novice up to and including expert.

While the program is based on Emergency 5 Level Triage and Patient Assessment methodology, our feedback indicates that other members of the health care team throughout the health care spectrum find the program highly educational and an excellent adjunct to their assessment and critical thinking skills.

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What does it offer?

The program offers the ability to elicit a significant amount of (seemingly divergent) information from many sources and synthesize it into a meaningful impression. The result is sound decision-making, and a standardized approach to 5 Level Triage and patient assessment.

It highlights the truly important information and demonstrates how to quickly put it together to recognize serious illness and initiate appropriate care. The material represents up-to-date thinking in emergency 5 Level Triage and patient assessment.

The program is built on a solid foundation of adult learning principles. It incorporates the latest model for successful instruction, including, presenting information, guiding the learner, practicing, and assessing the learner. It also provides remedial work feedback.

The 5 Level Triage and Patient Assessment program incorporates cognitive learning principles that best enable the transfer of knowledge for recognizing a seriously ill patient, presenting patient syndromes, and prioritizing acuity and the initiation of care.

Our program meets the participantís higher-order cognitive skill need, and so improves 5 Level Triage decision-making and problem-solving skills. It maximizes the ability to think critically. It provides an opportunity to apply sound judgment and critical thinking skills to successfully manage Emergency Patient Care.

Measurement of ability and competence

Measurement of ability is successfully accomplished using testlet simulation, which reaches higher-order thinking skills.

We have taken great care through expert programming, in constructing authentic text-based patient scenarios that do just that!

The Summative Exam comprises 12 case scenarios in the form of constructed response items. Using this type of exam format, the examinee must critically think!

Decisions are made independently, in order to obtain essential information, evaluate data, derive meaning, and initiate the proper actions.

The exam provides not only a cut score, but more importantly, remedial reading and redo work is mapped to the learning objective, and is provided at the end of each case. The remedial feedback is tailored to each examinee's performance and can be readily printed out for further review. The goal being, that the examinee achieves 100% competence!

Upon successful completion of the Summative Exam, a certificate of completion, will be awarded (further details in the program).

As an adjunct to our program, refereed journal articles have been expertly reviewed and are available to you, if you have MD Consult. Only the best have been selected and strategically placed throughout the program to enhance knowledge of clinical syndromes.

The 5 Level Triage and Patient Assessment Program will save lives, empower staff, and manage risk!

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Course format

Threshold Knowledge
An in-depth look at Vital signs, Serum lab values, Diagnostic testing, Medications, Circulation/Volume loss/Perfusion assessment, Pain assessment.

Interactive Canadian Triage Acuity Scale (CTAS)
Challenge your skills and learn the latest categories and modifiers.

Triage methodology
Includes the Interactive Systems Challenge plus a standard methodology for quick and concise recognition of serious medical and traumatic syndromes, including:

  • The History: Keywords/questions and applications to CTAS, Head pain, Chest pain, Hemorrhage recognition, Abdominal pain, Geriatric responses, Linked journal articles throughout, Quizzes, Putting It All Together - case study.
  • The Scan: The Critical Look (how to recognize it), Introduction to CTAS, The Scan - how it works, Assessment guidelines, VS, Under/over Triage, Readings, Disposition, ABCDs, Pain, Limb integrity, Lines in situ, Pictures details and interpretations, Quizzes, Putting It All Together - A comprehensive moulage quiz
  • Plus - A Critical Look Tool, The Standards of Action Tool and the History Overview Tool.

Bonus modules include Trauma Triage and Domestic Violence now known as Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).

The course comprises of:

  • In-depth reviews
  • Powerful tutorials
  • Reading materials
  • Assessment tools
  • Self assessment exercises and quizzes
  • Real-time scores
  • Over 100 real-life photos
  • Interactive diagrams
  • Pro tips & techniques
  • Summative exam with recommended remedial review suggestions where necessary

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Program objectives

Upon completion of the course, the learner will be better able to:

  • Correctly evaluate the vital signs data to assign the appropriate triage category.
  • Correctly evaluate the patientís perfusion to assign the appropriate triage category.
  • Correctly evaluate the serum lab values and medications to assign the appropriate triage category.
  • Correctly evaluate the patientís pain to assign the appropriate triage category.
  • Describe the appropriate care according to the Medical, and Traumatic Syndromes.
  • Distinguish between the presentation of Medical, and Traumatic Syndromes.
  • Correctly identify the priority of assessment based on the Triage Assessment Methodology.
  • Collect focused patient Triage histories based on the Triage Assessment Methodology.
  • Correctly evaluate the Critical Look of a patient data to assign the appropriate triage category.
  • Correctly evaluate the keywords in the Critically Ill patientís history to assign the appropriate triage category.
  • Correctly assign the appropriate triage category based on the Canadian Triage Acuity Scale.
  • Correctly assign the appropriate patient disposition based on their triage category.

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