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5 Level Triage Solutions

The 5 Level Triage Solutions Manual is truly unique in that it actually provides the methodology of how to triage. It offers simplification and a standard approach to the art of Triage. The manual is founded on in-depth research, previously published in the Journal of Emergency Nursing, which the revised Canadian Triage Standards reference.

Contents include:

  • Entry to Practice Guidelines
  • Triage Station
  • Disposition of Patients
  • General Principles of Triage
  • Triage Communication
  • Triage Methodology (The Scan, The History)
  • Triage of Multi-Patient Dilemma
  • Outline Guide for Maximizing Efficiency in a Resource Crisis
  • Trauma Triage
  • Pediatric Triage
  • Psychiatric Triage
  • Ocular Triage
  • Communicable Disease Triage

Tools include:

  • 5 Level Triage Tool simplifying the CAEP and NENA 5 Level Triage Standards
  • Trauma Triage Tool
  • Motor Vehicle Crash Tool
  • Ocular Triage Tool
  • TB Triage Tool

Upon completion of this exceptional triage educational package, the emergency nurse will be able to:

  • Describe the role of the triage nurse and how that role impacts on:
    • Patient flow
    • Patient care
    • Other emergency nurses
    • Charge Nurse
    • The Emergency Department as a whole
    • Pre-hospital staff

  • Discuss and demonstrate keys to effective Triage:
    • Demonstrate and describe the ABCD scan
    • identify, analyze and describe factors that give patients a critical look
    • Discuss the 3 priorities of patients and provide examples of each
    • Determine urgency rating accurately and assessment of the presenting complaint

  • Integrate history taking, communication skills and assessment skills of the presenting complaint, meet the standards of the triage role:
    • Name 7 different disease processes which require special consideration from the triage nurse
    • State how to obtain a crash profile
    • Differentiate between objective and subjective data
    • Discuss confidentiality and privacy as it relates to triage
    • Describe a 90 second triage assessment
    • Perform an accurate and rapid patient assessment
    • Identify and discuss therapeutic communication techniques as used in the triage role

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