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The Emergency Manual

The Emergency Manual - 3rd Edition is an extensively researched educational tool and is a complete introductory guide to Emergency Care. Authored by Jo-Ann Rowe, RN, ENC(c), EMCA, BA, MEd, it is designed as a solution to control costs while increasing the standards of Emergency Care. Jo-Ann Rowe is a Health Care Practitioner with vast clinical experience in Emergency Care.

The Emergency Manual provides a clear and concise, step-by-step approach to the medical and traumatic syndromes in Emergency Care while providing the priority required for each system. As well, the manual provides anticipated investigation and treatment for each system.

Ultimately it will raise the standards of Emergency Care while controlling costs and managing risk.

Staff new to emergency practice will benefit tremendously from the manual in that it clearly directs the user, providing only the information that is essential for competent care.

This well researched 'how to' manual offers a practical solution to the current emergency training crisis.

Not just for the novice, The Emergency Manual is an excellent resource and teaching tool, offering a way to standardize the approach for levels up to and including the expert practitioner.

This invaluable teaching tool empowers the practitioner. It provides an easy to follow standardized assessment methodology, integrates knowledge and practice and successfully manages risk.

Upon completion of this top level educational manual, the emergency nurse will be able to:

  • Assess with a standardized approach
  • Prioritize patients according to the international standard
  • Integrate history taking, communication and assessment skills
  • Describe and utilize all sources of information available
  • Recognize a seriously ill patient
  • Determine the acuity of the presenting patient
  • Recognize medical and traumatic syndromes in Emergency Care
  • Anticipate investigation and treatment for each system
  • Document accurately and concisely
  • Allow nurse to deliver competent care thus managing risk


Methodology to Standardize Emergency Patient Assessment

Abdominal Emergencies

Gynecological Emergencies


Small Wound Management


Ocular Emergencies

Selected Emergency Equipment & Procedures

ENT Emergencies

Selected Medical Emergencies

Respiratory Emergencies

Orthopaedic Emergencies

Cardiovascular Emergencies

Psychiatric Emergencies

Neurological Emergencies


Multiple Trauma


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The Emergency Manual - 3rd Edition

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