Nurse Education
The Emergency Manual - 2nd Edition

Forward by Glen Bandiera MD, FRCP, MEd

As I was reading this manual, one thing quickly became very clear. A great deal of thought and effort has been put into the organization and development of the fundamental ideas of this book.

In the area of acute care, a successful outcome depends on a health care practitioner's ability to elicit and synthesize a significant amount of seemingly divergent information from many sources into some meaningful impression that allows sound decision-making.

Of course, just to make things more interesting, the amount of time available is usually quite limited. The biggest strength of this manual is the manner in which a large amount of information—important information—is distilled down into a series of easily understood principles and procedures.

For a wide range of presenting problems, the manual highlights which information is really important and how to quickly put it together to recognize serious illness and initiate appropriate care.

The material represents up to date thinking in acute care medicine. It is directed at primary care assessments and is applicable to all allied health professionals including paramedics, nurses, medical students, and first aid providers.

Essentially anyone who may be called upon to recognize and treat serious illness will find value in this manual. Those who do it frequently will find it a convenient resource; those who do it infrequently will find it an indispensable one.

Dr. Glen Bandiera completed medical school at McMaster University. After training as a PGY1 resident at the University of Toronto, he returned to McMaster to complete his residency in Emergency Medicine.

He completed a subspecialty program in trauma at the Hamilton General Hospital and a Masters of Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.

He is currently on staff at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto as an emergency physician and trauma team leader and is the program director for the FRCP residency training program in emergency medicine at the University of Toronto.

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